Cap Gris Nez

Cap Gris Nez

Cap Gris Nez (Or "Grey nose cape" in English) is one of the most beautiful place of the Opal Coast. This cape is situated in the town of Audighen.
On a clear day you can see white cliff of Dover.

At the top of the cliffs (rock Jurassic), peaking at 49m, you can see the English coast, the Cap Blanc Nez and the port of Boulogne-sur-Mer and the village of Wissant nestled between two headlands and long stretches of sand.
The site of the Two Caps, the tourist attractions and natural Nord Pas de Calais has an operation "Grand site" designed to enable it to carry out major actions such as the redevelopment of the Blanc Nez and access only Nature.

Lookouts and walking trails and discover more open to walkers sometimes courageous sites Blanc Nez and Gris Nez is known to be windy. An invigorating sea air, far from being bad is of course always go.

Cape Gris-Nez is a mecca for observation of migratory birds because the strait is a major crossing point for many species. Cape Gris-Nez is considered a major site, pan-European importance to protect both the conservation of natural habitats for the remarkable migrations of birds,

This is where the channel (the Pas de Calais) is the closest: 28 km, Dover is 34 kms. Strait is the busiest in the world with more than 500 ship movements a day on average, and 200,000 vessels per year on those roads day and night. On the site of Gris Nez, under the lighthouse, nestled very important maritime surveillance systems that watch over the traffic in the Channel. Strait is considered difficult because of currents, winds, sometimes violent and frequent fogs.

CROSS Gris-Nez's mission is to monitor an area from the Franco-Belgian border to Cape Antifer (Le Havre), to coordinate relief and rescue organization. It ensures compliance with traffic regulations in the Straits or the risk of collision is high. The ships heading north along the French coast (the amount rail), those to the south along the English coast (track down), while a large number of ferries, fishing boats or boaters cross between cargo and many tankers carrying dangerous goods.




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