the farm Beck

the farm Beck

Farm beck near Bailleul, tavern or the Beck family grows hops and brews its own beer: the Hommelpap and Chestnut (new beer oatmeal).

Located in the heart of the micro-brewery, this pub offers "stew in Hommelpap", "brewer's plate garnished" or seasonal produce or farm products for consumption on or off the premises.

Tavern located in the heart of the micro-brewery where you can eat and taste the beers of thought.

Enjoy our carbonnades The Hommelpap or our plate lined with brewer.

Free tour of the production of beer during the opening hours of the tavern.

Horraires openings (from 02 April to 31 October)

Saturday 19h to 17h Sunday for individuals.
Every day for groups over 20 persons



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