Charles Rosier -

Charles Rosier -

In 1999, Goldman Sachs offered Charles Rosier (ce site) a job. When he accepted the offer, he became their Managing Director. The year 1996 marked his first step towards his future, gaining his first appointment at Lehman Brothers. In the year 1997, he transferred to UBS Warburg where he became manager of their Debt Capital Market Division. Charles Rosier managed the French-speaking markets of France, Belgium, as well as Quebec.

Educational Achievements of Charles Rosier

In order to accomplish more French certifications, Charles Rosier took two years of additional classes in preparation. He went to Lehman Brothers in 1996 and became a member of UBS Warburg Investment Bank. He finished his first scientific Baccalaureate degree, equal to A-levels in the UK. Charles Rosier was able to establish his profession right after getting a degree at ESCP Europe.

Charles Rosier and His Passion for Culture

Charles Rosier supports cultural and philanthropic activities. This is not unusual because he has shown support to a French singer and a Silver Lion-winning movie. He has always had a passion for music and singing. He is also passionate about movies. That is why he supports French culture. Charles Rosier has a great love for both music and culture. His support of artists and movies exemplifies this.

Charles Rosier in Supporting Health

Being an investor, Charles Rosier receives a profit-share from the company because of his contribution that enabled the company to finally start doing the study. Baulieu and his co-workers were creating a new drug, however they needed more finances to generate such a drug... so he invested in them. Mapreg is a pharmaceutical organisation led by Professor Etienne Baulieu. They were invested-in by Charles Rosier when he started to run healthcare projects.