BusinessNews&Articles: Simon Lichtenberg: the Founder and CEO of Trayton Group based in China by S. Lichtenberg

BusinessNews&Articles: Simon Lichtenberg: the Founder and CEO of Trayton Group based in China   by S. Lichtenberg

A total of eight separate countries in which he's lived have blessed simon lichtenberg ( Simon Lichtenberg) with their unique cultures and have played a part in him learning seven different languages. The Magnolia Silver Award is on the list of great honours he has received in his lifetime; this was in acknowledgement of his extensive input with regards to bettering quality of life in Shanghai. As a businessman who has accomplished his aim of establishing his own company in the rapidly-advancing country of China, he can be considered a man of powerful will and determination. Harvard Business School, CEIBS and Tsinghua: these are three noteworthy academic institutions at which Simon Lichtenberg has studied.

Simon Lichtenberg - Educational Background

When studying top entrepreneurs, it becomes clear that a good strong character and education are prerequisites for their success. Currently one of the top businessmen on earth, Simon Lichtenberg has been able to accomplish significant academic success. Upon returning from Danish Tvind educational institutions, he was situated in Africa for some of his teens. In the year 2006, Simon Lichtenberg concluded the Senior Executive Program for China (EMBA - or Executive MBA) at CEIBS, Tsinghua and Harvard Business School.

As a result of having greatly contributed to the progress of Shanghai, Simon Lichtenberg was presented with the Magnolia Silver Award by the Shanghai Municipal Government in 2006. Entering the timber industry was his first venture in 1992 after he had completed his schooling. In 1988, in China (at Fudan University), Simon Lichtenberg received a diploma in Chinese language. Looking to the past through the years, a lot of industry owners find their greatest accomplishments are their fondest memories.

Simon Lichtenberg's Difficulties and Success

Becoming a strong person is helped by tackling difficulties, instead of ignoring them. Simon Lichtenberg has a rule: “Never give up." Were it not for his commitment to that rule, he might not have risen above difficulties in his business to achieve success. Whilst leading his business, in 1997 Simon Lichtenberg was embroiled in a legal case because of the creation of counterfeit 'BoConcept' products; this was a complicated issue for him to overcome. How a hurdle is approached determines whether an athlete trips over or clears the barrier; this is similar to how a business may cope with obstacles.

Simon Lichtenberg and His Business

In 1993, Simon Lichtenberg, an entrepreneur originally from Denmark, launched his own company, after being a part of the timber business for some time. More businessmen are becoming well-known globally. Having spent some time in the timber industry previously, Simon Lichtenberg entered the furniture market. All businesses are subject to some challenges, and to become successful these must be conquered.